The story of education is changing.

Never before have learners had so much freedom, choice and power over what, when, where, how and with whom they learn. The rigid boundaries that once encased conventional education are crumbling as technology flourishes in an ever globally-connected world.

As a result, possibilities abound regarding how we can restructure education to move away from the teacher-centric model to a learner-centric one; to cultivate collaborative relationships that prioritize the love of learning over achievement test scores, and to build cultures of  thinking and problem solving rather than inserting learners into a slot in the educational spectrum.

Embracing the modern mindset that learners should be active participants in a stimulating and explorative learning process, the Living English Studio has been offering interactive oral communication workshops for adults since 2011.

In May 2020, adapting to the consequences visible due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Living English Studio changed its structure and went online.  Our interactive workshops continue to foster collaborative learning. This dynamic approach leads to a deeper understanding of concepts and topics, as learners gain insights from various perspectives.

We strive to be architects of learning experiences, so that our learners feel inspired to continuously learn.

Testimonials :

-Find out the English version of yourself. Barbara unlocks all your forms of expression through storytelling, educational games, audio content, images, music, movies, poems!

-The events that Barbara has made a point of including are invigorating. They are definitely far removed from any notion of “lesson”, but combine learning with actual real-life experience.

Will you believe that this year at the Studio I have experienced being an architect – although unfortunately my landscape collapsed for lack of professional engineering –, I have applied a tourniquet to my injured leg – although I was not injured -, I have taken my dog for a walk and cleaned after him – although I don’t have any dog -, I have been Popeye (that gave me a hard time!), I have skydived and belly danced? I have been an archaeologist exploring prehistoric caves for the others, I have been a historian poking into the life of Peter the Great, I have been a geographer marching eastwards in the footsteps of the invaders, in search of some token to bring back to my friends, I have been a cattle owner in the steppe trying to sell my sheep online … I have laughed and spent a gorgeous time with Barbara and my classmates!

Learn with joy and laughter; learn and flourish as a person.

The sessions are full of interactions, activities and initiatives, all very well organized, which help you get involved and take a better feeling for the language.

Reading and telling powerful stories; using art and metaphor to describe ideas and events; preparing and sharing presentations; exploring the English language in unique ways.  This is the experience at the Living English Studio.

The best part is that you meet great people with whom you share fascinating and enjoyable moments in and out of the studio!