Founded on the belief that oral fluency in any language can only be acquired through regular practice, the Living English Studio has been offering oral communication workshops to adult learners of English since 2011.

Educators at the Studio don’t teach in the traditional sense; they operate on the premise that learners should be active participants in the learning process and therefore prompt learners to take the initiative in developing their skills and abilities. The Studio prepares learners for competent communication in the 21st century global environment.

Given today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demanding routines, it is all too easy for learning centers to focus on the strict application of an academic program while completely ignoring both the social context and the physical environment in which the learning occurs. These fundamental aspects, however, comprise the holistic approach of the workshops at the Living English Studio. The learning takes place in a comfortable, non-threatening and spacious environment, in which learners utilize essential social skills while interacting in English.

Testimonials :

«I felt more confident and I could speak English feeling free»

“…In less than two months, I felt more confident and I could speak English feeling free without caring whether I was completely correct or not. Barbara has a unique way to teach you that the communication is always more important than staying silent because you do not feel confident about your English. “Let it come out” was one of the mottos and I think this is the secret of the success. The sessions are full of interactions, activities and initiatives, all very well organized, which help you get involved and take a better feeling for the language. Sometimes I was really impressed by how well planned a session was. And actually only a person with a huge experience and above all love for teaching could build such a course. For me this year was a way not only to feel free to communicate in English but also to change my attitude towards the language. I highly recommend the course for everyone who wants to experience an alternative and unique way of learning and speaking English. I’m sure that at the end of the teaching year we will share the same feeling.”

Nikos Polyzos

«…share fascinating and enjoyable moments in and out of the studio»

“Attending the sessions at the Living English Studio was a great opportunity for me to not only brush up on the language but also to enrich it with plenty of new expressions and vocabulary that we use in our daily life. The sessions are given in a totally different way in contrast to the common methods. You practice speaking while playing games, listening to music or through discussions that cover a variety of topics. Mrs Lyons is a very helpful and encouraging person and offers many different ways of learning so you will definitely never get bored!! The best part is that you meet great people with whom you share fascinating and enjoyable moments in and out of the studio! ”

Dimitra Kosmopoulou

«..not only did I significantly improve my accent, but I also enriched my vocabulary»

Learning the English language at the Living English Studio was such a great experience for me. Taking part in conversations dealing with a variety of interesting controversial issues, I was able to improve my critical and creative thinking abilities, two vital abilities that helped me generate new ideas, see things from a different perspective, make informed decisions and express my opinion more clearly. Moreover, participating with a group of adults, I managed to hone my team working skills. Team commitment stimulated my performance and attendance. Lastly, and most importantly, speaking with a very experienced American teacher, not only did I significantly improve my accent, but I also enriched my vocabulary (including idiomatic expressions, collocations and phrasal verbs) in a pleasant way.

Alexandros Kourentas